Full terms & conditions

I’ve found that some of my best new clients come from my current clients! That’s why I’m offering a 15% discount to brides who refer their friends to me.

15% off

~Receive a discount on your upcoming cake or a refund from your previous order!

~Applicable if your friend books a cake of equal or greater value. If your friend’s cake order is of lesser value than your order, the discount you receive will be 15% the price of their order.

~This discount is 15% off the wedding cake price as listed on the invoice; discount does not apply to sales tax, delivery fee, or other items.

~The minimum applicable discount is $18, so if either your order or your friend’s order is for less than $120, this discount does not apply, however, a 5% discount is offered as a courtesy.

~The max discount offered per referral is $50. If you refer multiple clients, you may receive an additional 15% off, with a total discount per client of $120.

I am happy to clarify the amount of the discount that applies or would potentially apply to your specific order, just shoot me a message!


~This promotion applies if you book a wedding cake and you refer a new client who books their wedding cake with Top Tier Confections. A client is not considered new if they have already received a consultation, filled out an order form, purchased a tasting box, or was otherwise already connected with Top Tier Confections. I will be happy to inform you whether or not a potential client would be considered new.

~”Booking” means that you have paid the 50% deposit to reserve your date. Please note the 50% deposit is non-refundable, please see the FAQ & Policy document for more information.

Limited time offer

~This offer applies to all wedding cake bookings for 2023 or made during 2023; either the referring client or the new client’s order must fit this criteria.

~All refunds for friend referrals must be claimed by December 31, 2023.

For example,

~If you have a friend who is getting married in 2024 who is interested in booking a cake with Top Tier Confections, they must book during 2023, at which time they will receive a discount and you will receive a discount or refund.

~If you booked a cake last year and refer a friend who is getting married during 2023, you will receive a refund and they will receive a discount. I am happy to clarify if your order dates meet these criteria.

Bottom line

Thank you for being one of my clients! I love my clients and would love to give you a discount for helping me advertise! These terms and conditions are posted for the sake of clarity, understanding, and to set expectations. I am not attempting to disguise conditions as “fine print” and am happy to answer your questions before you book or refer a friend so you can understand how this promotion would apply to you. Thank you for your support of the hard work I put into my small business!