Dessert Bars

Pricing does not include delivery or serving staff; you may pick-up and serve yourself or inquire for rates which are based on location and number of guests/length of event.
It is suggested that you assume that 70-80% of invited guests will attend and that each guest will eat on average 1-4 desserts depending on size, variety, and event timing in relation to dinner or cocktail hour, etc. Average spending for my dessert bars is $3-9 per guest. Tip: tight budget, but still want quality custom desserts? Check out how to get discounts: see promo.
This page is currently under construction and may be missing photos, prices, or other details. Please reach out for quotes if pricing is not available. Thanks for your patience and support!


Mini Cheesecakes

Cupcake size in individual wrappers (finger food) that are customizable to your wedding colors. Minimum order 2 dozen.

Plain (NY style): $42/dozen
Berry: $44/dozen
Caramel Turtle Toffee: $44/dozen
Oreo: $45/dozen

Round Cheesecakes

Prices for plain or berry. Add $5 for caramel turtle toffee or Oreo.

10 inch: $75/each

8 inch: $65/each

6 inch: 2 for $70 (can only order in twos)

4 inch: 3 for $60, 6 for $80, 9 for $95.


Cake Shooters–images and pricing coming soon

Mousse Cups

2 oz acrylic dessert cups (round or square) with 1.5 oz mousse topped with whipped cream & garnish. Mini spoons included. Minimum order 2 dozen per flavor; bulk price available for 6 dozen+ per flavor.

Mousse flavors: milk, dark, or white chocolate; lemon, strawberry, coconut, chocolate mint, raspberry, pumpkin spice cheesecake, cheesecake, mint
Mousse + whipped cream + chocolate shavings: $28/doz ($22/doz bulk)
Mousse + whipped cream + fresh fruit OR oreos: $30/doz ($24/doz bulk)
Mousse + mascarpone cream + fresh fruit + chocolate shavings: $33/doz ($29/doz bulk)



Loaded brownies: $45 for 27 servings (9×13″ batch divided into 3 inch x 1.5 inch servings.) Caramel, nuts, and chocolate chunks topped with a scoop of vanilla bean buttercream–a rich compliment to the brownie flavor that can be served all night long without melting.

Stuffed brownies: $36/dozen

Cupcake brownies stuffed with mousse or no-bake cheesecake, topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings or sprinkles.

Lemon Bars

Extra-thick crust and bright, tart lemon flavor. All the homemade goodness without the sticky mess. Can be topped with white chocolate prints including art, monograms, floral designs, etc. Serving size is 3″ x 1.5″ bar.

Classic lemon bars: $80/48 servings

White chocolate design lemon bars: $100/48 servings

Rice Krispy Treats–images and pricing coming soon


Dairy-free options available! Order minimum 3 dozen.

$20-30/dozen depending on size and flavor.

French Pastry


$36/dozen, minimum order 3 dozen per color/flavor.

Petit Fours

Cream Puffs

Mini square cakes with a decadent filling, coated with a white chocolate or chocolate-based glaze and garnished with decor of your choosing–sprinkles, chocolate shavings, or fresh fruit (add $10/dozen for fruit). Minimum order 2 dozen.

Eclairs–images and pricing coming soon.

Cream Puffs–images and pricing coming soon.

Quick Breads

Available as muffins, mini muffins, and loaves.

Banana Bread

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Swirl Bread

Raspberry Cheesecake Pound Cake

Sweet Breads

Cinnamon Rolls

$20/dozen for 1 oz (Costco bites size), $30/dozen for 2 oz or $45/dozen for 3 oz. Variety of frosting flavors available including glaze, cream cheese buttercream, cinnamon, orange, raspberry cream cheese, etc.

Sweet Stuffed Buns

Pies & Crisps

Individual pie pops (small, medium and large sizes; heart-shaped; can be served on sticks or on a tray/basket)
Cobbler or Crisp: Peach, Apple, Berry, or Cherry

Candy Apples

Rose-bottom apples (can be individually wrapped as favors)

Candy Apple slices buffet


Cake popsicles

Cake push pops

Cake pops

Cupcakes & mini cupcakes

Sheet cakes

Buttercream charcuterie boards

Ice cream cakes